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Law Offices of Charles F. Schmitt, Esq.
FL Bar #0012803

  • Charlie Schmitt successfully defends Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory before the Trademark Appeals Board in a dispute over the "C+C Music Factory" Name.

  • Charlie Schmitt is engaged by tribute artist Greg West in the legal representation of his Jason Aldean tribute tour.

  • Charlie Schmitt legal client Venus has been signed to RocNation Records. Released her first single "Throw It Back" on the RocNation label.

  • Charlie Schmitt is engaged by music management company Five Block Runner Entertainment for artist management contract review.

  • 100 Years Of Glory -- A History of the 12 Meter Class," a documentary 12 Meter Yacht Class and the America's Cup (produced by Charlie Schmitt) to be re-mastered for immersive (dome) media presentation.

  • Charlie Schmitt engaged by Physicians Compliance Network, LLC, as outside counsel for its MSO and healthcare business.

  • Charlie Schmitt is engaged by The St. Augustine Film Foundation.